White space is the lungs of the layout. It’s not there for aesthetic reasons. It’s there for physical reasons.

Derek Birdsall

[ Inspiring Daily ]

The cross-disciplinary mindset as opposed to the narrow-mindedness of the ultra-sharp focus on a single field of expertise. Which one is better? Well, from my experience, we can benefit from both. As it usually goes, it depends on a context and also on the task at hand. In the creative industry, a visual design, user experience design, and content design (copywriting and art), should be all considered the equal pillars of every project.

I often recommend my clients to invest in a prolific content designer or an art director who can pull it all together in meaningful and creative ways. Let the magic happen. When we combine the ad-agency copywriting with smart art directing and the modern technologies with a digital-first, user-centred mindset, we often end up with products or campaigns that are functional, memorable and visually pleasing.